Your online presence should do more than just look good...

It should also support your business behind the scenes.
Obviously, your web site should attract customers and make it easy for them to learn about your business, contact you, and to place orders if you're running na e-commerce operation.

But what about the work you do offline? Is there a way to integrate that? Are there steps that can be automated to make your life easier and save you time and money? Are there ways to improve communications with your customers and staff members?

That's our specialty: making your site work for you.

There are many commercial scripts available to automate various behind-the-scenes functions. These sometimes work well, but off-the-shelf scripts and solutions force you to do business the way they do.

Custom Solutions Make It Easier to Run Your Business
We create custom solutions that support the way you do business, with the quirks and tweaks that support you 100% of the way instead of aggravating you every day.

Whether you need a simple way to update your web site online, a way to keep your salespeople in the field up to date, a way to allow your clients to upload files or view private information, or an intricate inventory management system with shipping modules, we can help. Our programmers are talented and experienced in creating web sites that do innovative things to meet your specific needs.

Free Consultation
Dream up what you want your web site to do and then contact us to discuss your vision. If you're not sure whether something can be done, feel free to ask. We love a challenge. Email or call us today at 516.365.1845. We look forward to hearing from you.